How to Use a Tow Behind Sprayer

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A tow behind sprayer is an effective tool. You can use it for different purposes around your home. You can use it to spray different chemicals on various occasions. The chemicals range from fungicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides. The machine is commonly known to many as a pull-behind sprayer.

At first, when you purchase it, a tow behind sprayer can be tricky to use it. Even though it comes with a manual, it is of the essence to know exactly how to use it. Read on to grasp how to make use of the tool.

Attaching it to the vehicle

The first step is to mount the tow behind sprayer on your vehicle. You should ensure that is properly attached. This will ease your work because it won’t come off. You can mount the sprayer on your mower before putting any chemicals inside it. This will be convenient because it will not be heavy. If you fill the tank first, you will have a difficult time trying to attach it. To see how to use it correctly for this and other things as well click here.

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Filling the sprayer

You can proceed to add the chemicals to the tank. Here there are precautionary measures to adhere to. You need to choose a secure loading area away from people food and animals. When you do this, you have to wear clothing that is protective. The vehicle and the sprayer should not be off as you fill the tank. Then, you can remove the cap and add the chemicals that you intend to use. You can add water if the chemicals are not diluted. After that, you ensure that you stir them to mix up thoroughly. Finally, you close the tank with the fill cap and tighten it.

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Operating the Sprayer

Using your tow behind sprayer should now be easy. You have to tighten the boom valves to ensure safety against possible spray leakages. At this point, you can turn it on to start operating. The switch should be linked to the pump’s power cord. The pressure regulator should also be adjusted to fit your use. To enhance pressure, you can turn the knob in a clockwise direction. You can lower the pressure by turning the knob in an anti-clockwise direction.

As you begin to spray, squeeze the trigger and control the nozzle. The nozzles should point to the ground to have an ultimate spraying design. This will guarantee you that all the areas are reached by the chemicals.


After use, you should drain the tank and clean it. If there are some chemicals inside the sprayer, store them in a safe place. If you need to be disposed of them, then it should be according to disposal standards. Then you can flush the sprayer and disconnect it from power. You also need to wash up so that you can be free from any toxic substances.

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You should add anti-freeze to the tank and spray it out. Then you can remove the nuts and bolts for easy storage. The machine should be kept in a dry place away from animals and human beings. The area should be well-ventilated to give it enough air.


Thus, using your tow behind sprayer is effortless. You need to protect yourself from poisonous chemicals. You also need to make sure that the machine is used as recommended. As you throw away the chemical substances, it should be on par with the regulations. Storing the pull-behind sprayer should be in an appropriate place.