Writing Your World: How To Write an Essay Fast


Essay writing is a mandatory exercise that students must complete at all academic levels. Schools teach writing at a tender age, and by the time one gets to high school, they have the necessary skills to complete a simple essay. In college, essays form part of the fulfillment of several course programs. Whether you are an undergraduate or a Master’s student, you encounter several essays each semester.

Most students often find themselves in tight situations with loads of assignments and an essay with a tight deadline. Such a situation often forces one to double the effort and write the essay fast to submit it on time. Whether a student opts to order an essay at essaywriterservice.com or writes it themselves, it is necessary to deliver a quality paper within the agreed time-frame.

But how does one manage to write an essay fast without compromising the quality and content? We aim to reveal tips and tricks to help students write any essay type fast and submit it to the tutor error-free. Below are grade-boosting pointers that might come in handy during tight essay deadlines:

Time Management


Each school curriculum emphasizes time management for students to succeed and have successful careers in the future. The same concept applies in essay writing since one must plan their time well. Depending on the submission timeline, a student must divide the writing time into doable sections to attain an exceptional essay. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to complete the task, feel free to contact a professional essay writing service online to lend you a hand. For instance, a one-hour deadline can entail 20 minutes for the outline, 25 minutes for crafting the body, and 15 minutes for editing and proofreading the final draft. The significant aspect is to spend more time on composing the body and structuring the essay.

Analyze the Essay Question

Another critical step is to analyze the essay topic and understand its requirements. Most students fail to deliver quality papers because of misinterpreting the essay question. The main theme must resonate with the essay topic for effective communication. Therefore, it is imperative to have a brainstorming session with relevant ideas before the writing process begins. Be creative and jot down all the points, then start striking off the unnecessary information. Answering the essay question helps you to write fast and remain within the plan.

Selective Research

Once a student understands the essay requirements, it will be easier to research the relevant information at hand. Avoid aimless researching since it is cumbersome and time-consuming. Identify the significant concepts that will ensure you write a rich paper. Remember, the objective is to write the essay within the shortest time possible. Hence, one must incorporate selective research to include only relevant information. Whether it is a diploma or a bachelor’s degree program, the time spent on research impacts the writing process.


Outlining Process

After research, the outlining process is the next step that can make or break the essay. It is advisable to spend 20% of the available time to outline the essay. Depending on the essay type, have a format that includes the necessary sections:

  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion

Include a thesis statement in the introductory section and the arguments, and supporting evidence in the main body. Doing this will simplify the writing process and help students complete essays on time, especially if it is an exam. Remember, write the first draft and embark on revising later. Avoid writing and editing at the same time since it is time-consuming and can result in missed deadlines.

Jot Down Key Sentences

After drafting the essay, come back and identify the key sentences in all the paragraphs. In this section, construct strong and accurate sentences that will not need editing later. Since it is similar to revising, one requires less time to complete the entire essay.

Focus on Strong Introduction and Conclusion

No matter how challenging a subject discipline may be, having a strong introduction alters the entire paper. Incorporate a solid introduction that will capture the readers’ attention to keep on reading the document. Whether it a simple essay or a Master’s degree dissertation, an engaging hook can make all the difference. Thus, use a captivating quote, interesting facts, or an interactive story that aligns with the thesis statement. Then, link the introduction seamlessly with the main body to avoid any ambiguity.

Moreover, the conclusion must also include a summary of the thesis statement whole connecting the entire essay for effective communication.

40% Writing the Main Body

After having the above sections in place, it is time to embark on filling in relevant content in the main body. Here, one can use around 40% of their time to include relevant arguments and supporting evidence. Ensure that each paragraph links to the theme and topic to avoid presenting unnecessary information. Most students often fail an exam due to spending more time compiling the main body, resulting in a late submission.

Editing and Proofreading


The last writing phase entails editing and proofreading the essay to remove all errors. While revising the paper, it is imperative to check the structure, thesis statement, and proper sentences in the body. Ensure that the text has a transitional and logical flow without grammatical and spelling mistakes. Failing to revise an essay results in poor grades due to negligence and common errors that one can avoid through thorough editing. If the timeline for submission is an hour, 10 to 15 minutes is enough to polish and submit a flawless paper to your homework tutor.

Ultimately, becoming a writer without a degree is quite possible. With practice and effort, one can improve essay writing skills within no time. It is advisable to plan early since there are times when tutors assign deadlines to test the student. The trick is to analyze the essay topic and understand its requirements. Conduct extensive research within limits and stick to the main plan. Diverting to other unnecessary information will be time-wasting and eventually result in late paper submission. Therefore, mastering fast essay writing skills saves most students time to concentrate on their overall studies in college, and they can get to enjoy a fulfilling college experience while attaining exceptional exam results.