How to Write Letter of Recommendation Template for a Friend?

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A letter of recommendation is actually a kind professional letter written for strengthening one’s application for a job or for academic purpose or for acquiring any other position. A recommendation letter is also called a reference letter or letter of reference or simply reference. It is observed that the recommendation letter is mostly used in the hiring process. Writing a letter of recommendation is certainly a matter of great responsibility especially when you will write for your friend since everything depends on the way you write the letter. Generally, in this kind of letter, you should give the positive attitude of your friend, his behavior and other good qualities. But while writing such a letter you should keep in mind that your language should be strictly formal and you should always use try to avoid unnecessary details. Actually, the letter of recommendation will act as background verification for your friend. Hence, you should be very careful while writing the letter of recommendation for your friend.

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The format and the layout of the recommendation letter are the same as that of other kinds of a formal letter. We have come up with a letter of recommendation template for a friend but if you need to see more templates or samples you can look here on You should write the recommendation letter in the following way:


<Writer’s Name>

<Writer’s Address>

<Writer’s Ph. No.>

<Writer’s Email ID>


<Recipient’s Name>

<Recipient’s Designation>

<Recipient’s Address>

<Recipient’s Phone no. and Address>

[Date: Date of the day when the letter is submitted]

Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms./ ],

I am [writer’s name] working as [designation of the writer] at [name of the organization where the writer is working]. I am writing this letter to recommend [full name of your friend] for [the position you are recommending your friend].

I know [name of your friend] for [number of months or years]. We have worked together on [name of the projects or programs on which you have worked together]. I know [name of your friend] to be very dedicated and hard-working and I am particularly impressed with the way he works on [specific task or project performed] where he has accomplished his work with great passion.

Since we have worked together for a long period I know him well and based on that experience I can confidently recommend [full name of your friend] for [the position that your friend has applied for].


[Your Name and Signature]

Format for the letter of recommendation

While writing the letter of recommendation you should follow the format given below:

Introduction: While writing the introduction keep in mind that it should be straightforward and to the point. In the introduction, you must specify who you are and how you know the person and what is the length of your friendship.

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Body of the letter: In the body of the recommendation letter you must state why you have faith on your friend and why you think that your friend will be the fittest person for the position that he has applied for. You can provide the qualification, characteristics, and qualities of your friend. Apart from that, it is very essential to provide the notable performance of your friend which has encouraged you to write this letter of recommendation for him.

Conclusion: In the concluding part you should summarize why you are recommending your friend for the position. It is also very important to provide your contact details in the concluding part so that the recruiter can contact you in case of further information. Lastly, you should end the letter with a thankful note.