How Water Damage Increases Mold Growth and Why Mold Inspections in NJ are Important

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Water and moisture are bad for a home in any way shape or form, but water damage is the most common form that allows mold to grow. In this article, we’re going to list out some information for you on how water damage increases mold growth, and explain why mold inspections are important.

Excess moisture in the home can be caused by all forms of water damage. From leaky pipes, to central air units, and even just flood leaks or leaks in your roof can all cause mold to grow and you won’t even know it until you find it. If you notice that you are growing mold in your home more frequently on foods, then that means you may have a problem with water damage.

How Mold Grows

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In general, mold needs to thrive from water, certain types of foods, a cool and moist temperature, and air (presumably oxygen). Even if there’s no food, but there is plenty of moisture, low temperature in the house above 40 degrees, and an oxygen-rich environment (this happens when there is excess moisture because there is more oxygen in the water and invisible moisture from your home).

How New Jersey Handles Mold Inspections

If you need to do mold inspection, your contracted inspector from Iris Laboratories will come into your home and assess the damage caused by the molds. They may advise you of a price and materials you’ll need in order to fix the problem or remove it. This could be pieces of drywall in certain areas or more. A good inspector will also look in places where you have excess moisture (be sure to point out to these possible areas), such as bathrooms, basements, and even your home insulation. If there’s anywhere where there is standing water, there is a good chance of mold being an issue.

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Mold inspections in New Jersey are important because NJ is a very busy state, and most of the homes are in a moist climate zone, despite being in the northeastern coast of the United States. That being said though, there is almost always excess moisture even in the air in your home. There are also many legal reasons why mold inspections are important. From health reasons for yourself and your family, all the way to the risk of contamination and compliance with regulations when buying or selling a home, mold inspection is equally important for liability and insurance reasons. Don’t just hire anyone though, because if you hire a general contractor, they’re going to be looking primarily for the “price” factor rather than the health factor and won’t do as extensive of an assessment.

The Conclusion

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Water damage isn’t just damage that’s caused by direct water. Even moisture in the air can deteriorate things such as drywall, get into insulation, and then the mold can grow and eventually get into the air in your home. Since there are many health risks involved with the possibility of mold growing in your home in New Jersey, it’s important to take the necessary steps for not only mold removal, but also mold prevention. Hiring a mold inspector can help shave some time, money, and stress off of your plate.