Old Car, New Features: Here’s How You Can Breathe Life Into Your Ancient Automobile


In an ideal world, you would be able to buy a new car every time a cool feature was introduced in the market. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that your bank balance won’t allow you to do this. You aren’t alone, of course, many people drive vehicles that are several years old.

So, what if you are driving an old clunker – does this mean that you have to make do with the outdated features that come with it? No, you don’t! These days, there are various gadgets that you can add to make it seem like you have a model that is hot off the line.

To enjoy the best experience, here are some of the gadgets that you should consider investing in:

A Bluetooth Receiver


If you are like most people today, you listen to music off of your phone. Now, with newer cars, this isn’t an issue – they are equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to seamlessly sync your phone to your vehicle. Older models may not have this feature.

In this case, get yourself a Bluetooth receiver. This is a good device to try if you have an auxiliary input. Just make sure that you choose a receiver that has a configuration that is suitable to your car’s make and model.

If there isn’t an auxiliary input, you still aren’t out of luck. Instead, get yourself an FM transmitter. Here, you will have to find the right frequency. Once you do, you can broadcast the tunes from your radio.

A Rearview Camera

These days, this kind of camera is an absolute staple, but your older car may not be equipped with it. This can make reverse parking an absolute nightmare for you. Not to mention, having this camera can drastically reduce the chance of you backing up into someone or something.

These are fairly affordable and can be placed on your car without minimal hassle. What’s more, the cameras have been around for a while and work beautifully. Thus, you can guarantee that it will be money spent well.

Oh, and if you want to improve your parking capabilities even more, you may want to consider getting parking sensors to go along with your camera. You can essentially kiss dents and scratches goodbye with these features.

A Navigation System


Many drivers assume that navigation systems are a thing of the past. This, of course, is because most people will navigate using apps on their phone. However, you will have already realized that there are a few downsides to this.

For one thing, these apps can be rather draining. This makes them unsuitable for longer trips. There is also the fact that the apps aren’t always incredibly accurate. Due to this, there is a possibility that you will end up making some wrong turns. Last, but not least, having to constantly look down at your smartphone screen isn’t a great way to drive.

With a little bit of research, you can appreciate that a GPS navigation system will be the solution to all these problems. These come pre-programmed with more precise maps which are regularly updated. Thus, you will find it a great deal easier to drive through even remote and unfamiliar areas. Want the best models on the market? For more details, check AutoQuarterly.com.

Since it is linked up to your vehicle, there’s no need to be concerned that you will be running out of power anytime soon. Furthermore, this system can be placed on top of your dashboard so that it is at eyelevel with you.

DVD Player


If you are driving with children – or easily bored adults – a DVD player can be just the thing for your vehicle. You can instantly have your own entertainment system. And, best of all, each passenger can watch whatever they want.

There are many different options for you to choose from. If you would prefer a more affordable version, you can pick one that can simply be fitted over the headrest. There are others that come built-in to the headrest, creating a more sleek appearance.

You can also select the kind of audio option that you want as well. Some will play the audio through the radio. Others, allow you to plug in headphones and enjoy your own entertainment.

A Plug-in Emergency Response Device

Soon, most new vehicles will be legally equipped to come with built-in emergency response devices. Nevertheless, you will find that many new models already have this feature. This is an important safety element for any vehicle and it is great news that you can get a separate device.

These are a plug-in device that taps into your cars various systems. As a result, it can tell when a collision has occurred. It will automatically connect you to an emergency service, allowing you to get help immediately. Most of these devices are equipped with GPS as well. This means that the emergency services will know exactly where you are.

Dash Cams


Rearview cameras capture what is going on behind your vehicle. Dash cams, on the other hand, are focused on what is happening ahead. This is why they have become a mainstay with many newer cars. They are particularly helpful when it comes to accidents.

These cameras provide evidence as to how an accident actually happened. Needless to say, this can speed up insurance policies or even police investigations. These can also come in handy for attempted thefts and much more.

Dash cams can record for hours at a time – even overnight, depending on the make and model. Some are equipped with a screen that can be used for playback video. Others will need to be hooked up to a camera. It should be noted that the recording capabilities of the camera will vary from one model to the next. However, even cheaper options can serve you quite well.

These are the top options available, if you wish to spruce up your old car. As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you are driving an ancient vehicle. These gadgets can make it seem like your vehicle has gotten a serious upgrade.