HP Launches New Campaign to Make it Look Appealing as Apple

HP Headquarters

HP has launched a new and ambitious campaign which is aimed at portraying the company’s products as must haves. In the ads which reveal the campaign, the company is trying to tell a story of how the company’s products are appealing and are something to want to be seen within the public eye.

The company is advertising its family of premium products as a must-have. In the first ads of the campaign, the company advertised the Spectre laptop, which they claim is the thinnest laptop in the world. Various analysts have reviewed the laptop, and most of them are impressed by the technology.

The ads and the campaign are meant to show people, analysts believe, that HP products are the new in thing. But changing people’s perspective is a hard thing especially since there are Apple products still on the market. Upstaging Apple products as the upscale standard is definitely not going to be an easy feat.

In the first ad of the campaign, the Spectre laptop is shown, and the pictures are actually breathtaking, and there are some quotes which are from various reviewers. Some of the reviews include one from Instyle which says that they think it’s the most beautiful laptop they have ever seen and another review from Tech Insider which notes that HP is apparently beating Apple at its own game.

After the last review, one question popped up, is HP trying to be as appealing as Apple? After contacting a rep from HP, the answer was yes. The company spokesman said that they were going even further to release new logo which would signify what for many users would be a new experience with HP.

In the second ad of the campaign, a man is seen working on his new HP Spectre laptop on an airplane. Apparently, Spectre is an enchanting laptop as the cabin crew and fellow passengers on the plane are captivated with the man’s laptop. It seems then that one of the targets for this ad is that person who boards an airplane and uses it on the whole journey up to where they are going.

According to HP, these people are called ‘old millennials.’ The spokesman said that these people are aged between 25 to 35, and their influence has been growing over the years.

The campaign is really interesting especially since smartphones and smartwatches have been taking over lately.