HTC Corp’s ‘One Two’ Series Sounds Similar To Its Predecessor


HTC Corp (TPE:2498) would rollover HTC One Two Series of smartphone in fiscal 2014 to regain the lost market share worldwide according to analysts in Taiwan. The Taiwanese smartphone maker would launch the phone in continuation to its One series, which was claimed as one of the best Android phones till date, but failed to gain much traction amongst the users, says a report from Forbes.

Sounds similar to HTC One

According to Wilson Miao, an analyst with market research firm TrendForce in Taipei told Forbes that the One Two would have two different lenses in camera for taking the perfect picture in low and high light conditions along with a fingerprint app. However, this minor difference between HTC One and HTC One Two would not be a major booster for sales of the smartphone in the wake of intense competition from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung in the west market. Irrespective of the brand, selling smartphone market on the basis if differentiation has become increasingly challenging.

One of the sources aware of the developments in HTC Corp (TPE:2498) said “its kind off too early” to discuss the models upcoming in 2014, but according to the analysts HTC One Two could debut, in March. The screen size of the new phone is expected to be around 4.9 inches and would be powered by Qualcomm processor. The phone would run on Android operating system said Miao. HTC One Two is expected to be priced around $600. The configurations are similar to HTC’s One unless HTC packs some surprises, in the last hour.

HTC lagging behind

The Taiwanese phone maker tried its heart out to catch up with the likes of Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone with its HTC One series, but could not clock in impressive sales number. HTC One might be retired once HTC One Two gains considerable traction after its launch, in the market.

Market Research firm Gartner reported that HTC Corp (TPE:2498) was behind atleast five global brands including world No.3 Lenovo and No.5 Huawei from China, in the third quarter.  In China, the phone maker earns 35% of its business by selling the low priced models. HTC could gain more traction, in China, if it enters into a deal with China Mobile, which has a subscriber base of 760 million.