Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch – News and Updates

The Huawei will release the new smartphone soon, but apparently, they are also developing a new smartwatch. The recent leaks suggest that the new smartwatch will feature a circular e-paper display.

According to latest GSM Arena reports, the new device will go under the name of Huawei Honor S1. Due to a large number of images which have appeared, we can see how it will look. Under direct sunlight, the display will be clearly visible and it will be able to run for days thanks to its batteries.

This e-paper display can be easily mistaken with the Amazon Kindle e-ink. Unlike the e-paper, e-ink refreshes, and loads pages very slowly and it uses less power in general, but the both display are colorless.

On the shots, we can see that the new smartwatch will have a waterproof feature and heart rate sensor. Furthermore, it appears that the new watch won’t have any hardware buttons, suggesting that everything will be done using the touchscreen. We are still waiting for the company to confirm the operating system.

Namely, Huawei was taking into consideration that the next smartwatch will be run by Tizen, but this whole situation is still touch-and-go. What we know is that Android Wear will not power the new Honor S1.

The Huawei Honor S1 was presented in October and it is already available for $100. The new watch really looks amazing and the price tag implies that if you want a smartwatch with basic, but useful features, you don’t need to spend a fortune. The main features are heart rate monitor and exercise monitoring functionalities, which is great for those who enjoy exercising.