Huge Championship Match Set For The Royal Rumble!

We were wondering who is going to challenge AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. There was no way that the title match was not going to be booked for the second biggest event of the year as WWE title is the most important one in the company. Sooner or later, WWE was going to give us a new feud for The Phenomenal One, and it is a bit surprising who they picked.

The main event for the Smackdown Live was AJ Styles going up against Sami Zayn. Now, we knew that Kevin Owens is going to be by his side as they are working together since the Hell in a Cell event. Wherever they show up and whenever they fight in the ring, Shane McMahon is right there to cause them to lose.

WWE has told the story of him failing to do that. Again, he cost somebody the match because he just couldn’t stay away from the action. Last week, Owens got a win over Styles because of that, and this week it was Sami Zayn that ended up beating the Phenomenal One.

That caused for AJ Styles to really snap and call out both of them. In the end, he has agreed to face them both at the Royal Rumble in the two-on-one handicap match. Both Owens and Zayn will fight him, but they are going to tag in and tag out.

This is really not the most creative way to book Styles’ match at the Royal Rumble. They will be both tagging in and out to face Styles. What happens if they win? Who gets the title? Hopefully, WWE is going to clear all of this up and make sense of it going forward!