Hulk Hogan Not Coming Back After All?

When we have the conversation about the most popular wrestlers of all time, that one can’t end without mentioning The Hulkster. He was the main man in the pro wrestling back in the ’80s and the early ’90s. He was one of the biggest draws of all time, probably second right behind the Stone Cold Steve Austin. There is an argument to be made that he indeed attracted the most people to watch wrestling.

If you were a kid in the ’80s and you were a wrestling fan as well, the chances are that he was your childhood hero and somebody that you looked up to. That ultimate superhero babyface that overcomes all the odds was just what the wrestling was all about. The sport itself needed a guy like the Hulkster.

But, the Real American had a rocky last couple of years as his racist comments caused him to be cut by the WWE. They went as far as removing the mentioning of him on the website, the Hall of Fame and every other source. He was removed from the company entirely.

There were rumors that he was going to come back in the near future, but Eric Bishoff, a guy that is close to Hulk Hogan, has said that The Hulkster probably won’t make his return. Here is what he had to say.

“We talked about five days ago and it didn’t come up. I find it hard to believe. I have to be careful here out of respect for my friend Terry. I don’t think Hulk really cares. He’s moved on with his life. There’s been a lof of water under the bridge. This is just me from my perspective knowing Hulk as well as I do and I don’t think he has the need to be in the limelight and get the attention.”