Hunting Hitler Season 3 Release Date

Not long ago Hunting Hitler TV series finished its Season 2. The rumor has it that Season 3 will be having plenty of material if the producers decide to continue with the show. There hasn’t been any official announcement; however, the fans are eager to see what lies in store for the season to come.

The last episode of the second installment took us to Dignidad in Chile, a place in which Germans have been given an opportunity to live normal lives hidden under different names. But there is something strange about this city. Apparently, it is heavily protected by the security, in order to ensure the safety of some people of importance.

Also, Paul Schafer seems to have been living here for some time, and there are speculations of his involvement in some gruesome deeds such as children abuse for instance.

As it seems, History has still not gone on board with the Season 3 of Hunting Hitler TV series, but the audience believes and hopes for it being given a chance. They have derived the conclusion that the Season 3 will be brought to daylight at some point based on the ongoings that took place in the last aired episodes of the second season. Furthermore, the location and setting of Dignidad in Chile will most likely remain the same.

It is possible that Adolf Hitler managed to survive the war by running away from Germany first and to South America afterward. There he lived his life in secrecy, and lots of documentaries prove this theory. Around 700 papers follow the same philosophy and speculation.

The series does focus on Hitler’s life after surviving “the death in bunker” and his life in secrecy, but according to many people, it does not give any exact and definite proofs of how he managed to survive it, or if he succeeded to escape at all.