Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous Concept Presented At the Geneva Motor Show

At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai has presented its Ioniq concept with autonomous driving technology, which is supposed to be integrated into few more upcoming production cars from this carmaker. This vehicle was unveiled in the City of Angles for the first time, and the autonomous technology consists of forward-facing radar, a three-way camera setup, laser-based Lidar tech, blind spot detection radar, and a GPS antenna.

Some other parts that have already been used on Hyundai Ioniq production models for driver assist systems are included in the hardware as well. These features are automatic emergency braking, smart cruise control, and lane departure warning, to name a few.

There is a purpose behind what Hyundai is doing, and the goal of the South Korean automaker is to keep the costs down as much as possible. According to the company, the driverless system will be found in the upcoming production models at low prices.

At the first official debut of the new car, Mike O’Brien, the Hyundai USA product boss declared: “We want to make it look like a car and not a science laboratory test. We have adapted the Ioniq’s existing systems and are developing the tech in house. We’re using lower computing power than most as we want people to be able to afford it, which is no different to the existing Hyundai ethos.”

Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous Concept Release Date

The autonomous Hyundai Ioniq is currently undergoing some tests in the territory near the company’s headquarters in South Korea. It remains unknown when exactly the new technology will be offered to the customers, but taking everything into consideration, it should appear by 2024.

You can see the photos of the autonomous Hyundai Ioniq here. Follow us for more details.