IBM Announced Support for Apple’s Swift Programming Language on Cloud Servers

Apple Swift programming language

When Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Swift programming language was first launched in 2014, it made the whole programming community happy. As per present stats, more than 10 million programmers have used the language for different programs. According to the Vice President of Cloud Architecture and Technology, Dr. Angel Diaz, the best thing about the Swift language is its speed.

It was a huge step for a company like Apple to release Swift as an open source in 2015. After the release of the source code, it was easy for any programmer to download the source code and change it according to the program’s need. The bold step by Apple has allowed Swift to reach on the top of the popularity charts at GitHub. Craig Federighi, who is Senior VP of Software Engineering at Apple, claimed that the Swift language will be the major language for at least 20 years in the programming industry.

Now, IBM has started the first cloud computing platform that supports Swift language. As the language is gaining popularity among iPhone app developers, the support given by IBM will invade the enterprise. IBM cloud will have some state-of-the-art features which will not be possible for its competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

IBM cloud now allows enterprise app developers to run the apps on cloud servers itself rather than running them on the phone. With this facility, the developer does not need to switch the languages from to run Swift code on a cloud server.

The amount of work that IBM has already done to get hold over Swift is remarkable. There are around 100 apps that are developed in Swift and are running on IBM’s cloud. Their apps are being used to sell the iPhone and iPad to large enterprises. The presence of these 100 apps clearly defines the investment that IBM has made in Swift.

IBM has previously done a lot of work to get Swift working with the Linux operating system that powers most of the data centers and data farms all around the world. The collaboration is a win-win situation for both the companies. With the help of IBM, Apple will now enter the bigger market. On the other hand, IBM has managed to grab an alluring programming language option which is gaining popularity very quickly. As IBM is looking forward to growing the cloud computing business in coming future, the Swift language will be a great support.

Both the investors and stakeholders of IBM and Apple are looking at this collaboration with a positive attitude and expecting to see some great results related to revenues. The shares of both the companies are expected to take a rise in coming days because of this collaboration. The cloud computing market is huge. Apple and IBM together can actually make a lot of difference in the present market scenario which is ultimately beneficiary for the end users.