IBM Claims new Linux X86 killer server can do the impossible

Brace up for the new Linux-based all-powerful lineup that has been said to be capable of doing just about anything. According to IBM who made the announcement, the new X86 based servers are made with heavy computing in mind. IBM is of the opinion that with the new machines, it will be much easier to run deep learning, AI as well as big data analytics.

With the new servers, cognitive workloads can be propelled better and that the efficiency of the data centre will be greatly improved, IBM added. They said that the new server is equipped with a new chip that also combine innovations gotten from “OpenPOWER”, a community that is known to deliver performances on higher levels with a computing efficiency that is far better than that of x86-based server.

The servers are part of IBM’s new LC line, which include the high performing S822LC for computing and also the S821LC and S822LC for Big Data. In a press release by IBM, the new server will give more value for money and will deliver with 80% enhanced performance more than the x86 servers.

The three systems all come with two sockets and can be configured to a maximum of 20 cores. There is an accompanying 1TB Memory which also has 230GB per second memory bandwidth for the high performance computing, which makes use of NVIDIA Pascal GPU. For the other two options, they have 512 GB Memory at 115GB per second memory bandwidth, and make use of NVIDIA K80.

The new IBM LC lines according to IBM, has inputs from the ‘big daddies’ in the tech industry. The new Power Systems, they noted are made to aid deep learning, push artificial intelligence, solve data analytics with high-performance including other computing works with heavy loads. This they say can save cloud and businesses providers some money spent on data centres.

AIBM Systems General Manager of POWER, Doug Balog, said there will be more value for business as well as user insights with the new advanced analytics. He also said that learning with machine as well as artificial intelligence will be greatly enhanced. For the cognitive era, the need for accelerated computing will push data workloads that are huge.

In a test IBM carried out Tencent, a Chinese Internet behemoth, the findings showed that the LC line could run their heavy workloads were handled in lesser time even with the use of fewer servers that are overall. Other parts of China where they are data centres, is receiving the new servers from Tencent.

As of the moment, the S821LC and S822LC meant for big data are available while the S822LC for High Performance Computing will be made available from the 26th of September, 2016.