IBM (NYSE:IBM) Opens Up Its Huge Cyber Threat Database Through X-Force Exchange


International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) has decided to share its vast database on cyber threats to private and public companies through its platform called ‘X-Force Exchange.’ The company announced the news yesterday.

X-Force Exchange is a platform developed by International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) to share the cyber threat data in real time. It uses innovative technology in the field of cyber security to deliver advanced analysis of real time threats across the internet. The company has decided to share its huge database with various companies in the hopes of strengthening cyber security. This data includes data of malware threats, collected from 270 million computers and 25 billion images, web pages, spam and phishing attack emails. This amounts to nearly 700 terabytes of threat database.

The threat-sharing platform is currently available with IBM cloud services. The company claims that this platform will change the way cyber threat analysts share and research threat intelligence. This platform will help the cyber security community to understand how security incidents change from designer vulnerabilities to on demand malware. The companies will be able to learn about the latest breaches in security through interactive data visualization. This visualization contains real-time malicious IPs that are analyzed in real time and added to the database. It is an encyclopedia of cyber threat knowledge.

The company believes that its platform will provide a one-stop solution to cyber threats. The move comes when the United States government recently urged companies to share their cyber threat data with the government. International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) has collected data for X-Force Exchange by using softwares like QRadar Security Intelligence Platform. Companies can have easy access to this data as it is provided through IBM cloud. The amount of data processed each day is nothing short of huge. The company has currently made it available to all companies. Users can access all the features upon log-in while guests can only view reports.

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) has always been on the frontier of computer technology. The company has now taken a lead in the field of cyber security by introducing a platform that utilizes its vast amount of data of cyber threats.