IBM To Buy Resilient Systems to Boost Incident Response Capabilities

IBM to Acquire Resilient Systems

International Business Machines Corp. (NASDAQ:IBM) announced its intention to purchase Resilient Systems to boost its security operations and incident response capabilities.

Resilient Systems is one of the leading providers of security incident response solutions. It has approximately 100 employees. Today, a wide variety of Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations in different industries are using the Resilient Systems Incident Response Platform.

John Bruce, co-founder and CEO of Resilient Systems said, “We are excited to be joining IBM Security, the industry’s fastest-growing enterprise security company. By combining, the market now has access to the leading prevention, detection and response technologies available in the same portfolio – the security trifecta.”

IBM will have leading capabilities to help clients respond to cyber attacks

IBM Security General Manager Marc van Zadelhoff said the company will have an “industry-leading range of capabilities to help clients respond to cyber breaches across consulting, services, and products” by acquiring the expertise and technology of Resilient Systems.

According to him, IBM is the fastest-growing enterprise security company worldwide, and it is leading the industry in the detection and prevention of cyberattacks.

“With our intent to acquire Resilient Systems, and our other announcements today, we are doubling down on the incident response market.  Cyber security needs to function like an immune system, both in preventing breaches, but also in quickly eradicating those that do occur,” added Zadelhofff.

IBM is currently the market leader in Security Intelligence. The company’s security revenue reached $2 billion and hired 1,000 new experts into its security business last year.

The companies did not disclose the financial details of the transaction, which is subject to regulatory review. The deal is expected to be completed later this year.

IBM X-Force Incident Response Services

The company also announced the launching of the new IBM X-Force Incident Response Services, which will be combined with QRadar Security Intelligence Incident Forensics, BigFix, and IBM Incident Response Services.

The technology from Carbon Black will also enhance IBM X-Force Incident Response Services, which would allow the company’ security analysts to conduct security forensics on compromised endpoint, identify the origin of the attack, map across devices, and contain and shut it down quickly.