Ice Pops Created From 100 Different Ingredients of Polluted Water Around Taiwan

The pictures you see are going to make you feel disgusted, but that is the whole purpose of them.

Every single day we are filled up with stories of polluted water and how we should be buying bottled water to preserve our heath. We keep hearing it on the news, reading it in the newspaper. But we have a tendency of neglecting these stories and simply forgetting in what sort of danger we live in nowadays. And this somehow seems to be the biggest problem of human nature. Until it starts being our own problem, we don’t pay attention to it.

However, students who come from Taiwan have found their way how to make these stories deeply engraved into your minds. They decided to make it visual. Three students from the National University of Taiwan made around 100 ice pops using the polluted water that exists in Taiwan.

It is very difficult and disturbing to watch these photos because ice pops look awful. They are made of murky water, plastic, chemicals and some other things that still have not been identified. These ingredients come in different colors. Three students combined these ingredients with flavors that are normally placed in regular ice pops which make the whole project even more fascinating. Do you feel like tasting it?

If you are interested to know from where all of these ingredients came, well, the students found the samples in Taiwan’s rivers, lakes and other waters that surround it. Then they used the standard procedure of making ice pops. They took the samples and froze them. In order to keep them intact for the sake of the project, they kept them with polyester resin.

For everyone who is interested into seeing ice pops live, the project is at the moment is displayed at the Taipei Design Museum.