IE Ups Market Share, Firefox and Chrome Dip

Internet Explorer emerged to be the biggest winner in the browser war for September. Last month witnessed full availability of IE 10 (on Windows 7) and Chrome 29 and release of Firefox 24. The statistics from Net Application reveal that Internet explorer was the clear winner.

From August to September, Internet Explorer raked in 0.19 percentage points from 57.60 percent to 57.79 percent. Firefox saw a decline in its share by 0.22 percentage points from 18.80 percent to 18.58 percent. Chrome dropped 0.2 percent points from 16.00 percent to 15.98 percent. Safari, however, surged 0.18 percentage point to 5.77 percent and Opera came down 0.06 percentage points to 1.47 percent.

IE on rise

In January, Internet Explorer recorded over 55 percent share, the first time it went back above the 55 percent mark, and in the recent date it recorded 57.79 percent, which is a new high this year. Further, the estimates are that the browser will reach 60 percent mark.

However, IE 10 saw some stumbling in its growth at 19.45 percent in September, but clinched another 0.8 percent share. IE 9 has added 0.43 percentage points totaling 9.45 percentage. IE 11 is expected to launch on Windows 7 and Windows 8 soon and will probably attain same heights as IE 10.

IE 8 dropped 0.26 percentage points, but is still holding the crown of world’s most popular browser. IE 10, however, seems like taking away major share from its own IE9 on Windows 7 as Windows XP users cannot upgrade beyond IE8.

Firefox, Chrome Losing

Firefox has seen a massive decline in its popularity and dropped to 18.58 percent share. Last time, Firefox went this low back in 2008 when it clinched just 18 percent of the market share. Firefox 24, which was recently released, took 2.17 percent share. Firefox 23 managed 11.57 percent, Firefox 22 dropped 6.14 percent, Firefox 21 lost 0.15 points, and Firefox 20 shed 0.06 percent points.

Chrome is no better, hovering around its 21 month low at 15.98 percent of market share. Chrome 29 managed 12.82 percentage points after it was available for the full month. Chrome previous version dropped or was flat. Chrome 28 lost 9.13 points, Chrome 27 dropped 0.21 points whereas Chrome 26 and Chrome 25 collectively managed declined by 0.03 points.

Net Application reached these results by gathering data from 160 million unique visitors each month and by surveying 40,000 websites for its clients.