If North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un, Launched Atomic Bomb…


The tensions between the United States and North Korea are increasing day after day, and peaceful solution is still out of reach. Many people are wondering what would happen if Kim Jong-un, the North Korean Leader, launched the nuclear missile above the Pacific Ocean.

Provided that happened, a radioactive cloud would spread across the globe after the explosion, and the simulation was presented by Lassina Zerbo, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization head.

Although alarming, many people believe that the simulation isn’t accurate and detailed enough. The Organization is tasked with monitoring nuclear tests conducted by the world’s most powerful countries. Meanwhile, Zerbo called it “a rough simulation of radio-isotope cloud” caused by “a hypothetical atmospheric burst” over the Pacific.


The downsides of the presentation are that there are no data, and the threats this cloud would present to humans. Some people were against Zerbo’s simulation, claiming that “people would consider it to be cataclysmic,” whereas Harvard professor Alex Wellerstein wrote on Twitter that “People are going to interpret the plume as being “radioactivity” — without a scale of some sort, they will assume the worst.”

The incumbent US President Donald Trump promised to “destroy” North Korea if they continued to threaten with military action to solve the crisis. This threat was a reaction to the North Korea Minister of Foreign Affairs’ statement that Trump’s insults would “make the visit of our missiles to the entire US territory unavoidable.” Moreover, the North Korea claims that the USA has already declared war on their country.