If Suspended, Ezekiel Elliott Will be Sorrowfully Missed

Source: star-telegram.com

Ezekiel Elliott showed why he is one of the leagues best running backs with his performance in San Francisco. If the rest of the season is going to look like this afternoon in the Bay, he will be sorrowfully missed.

The Judge Katherine Fallia of the Southern District of New York will be back from vacation any day now. The decision on how much longer will Elliott play this season lies in her hands. The hearing for Zeke’s six-game suspension was scheduled for October 30th. But, NFL is playing hardball on his case of domestic violence, and they want the decision made by the end of this week. If not granted a preliminary injunction, Elliott will miss the match vs. Washington Redskins. If given, Elliott will play for the rest of the season. In case he is forced to sit out the next six games he will be out by December 10th.

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After his outing vs. 49ers if suspended he will be missed; a lot! Dominant is the word. He had 26 rushes for 147 yards. First two touchdowns were on a 1, and 25 yards runs. The second half started with his 72-yard catch for a score. His third of the game. Three TD’s in a game is his personal best that he had once more, last year vs. Steelers. Previous round he had his best quarter of the season. It was fourth of the game vs. Packers where he gained 85 yards on 13 carries. Seven days ago he said: “It was the closest we looked like to last year. I think it’s good that we finally kind of hit that stride.”

Against 49ers it was evident that they found their mojo. After the bye week, they were rested enough, for both Elliott and offensive line to do what they do best. The Cowboys were confident in him enough to put the ball in his hands in four of first six plays. He ran for 25 yards and one touchdown on the opening drive. On the second he had pierced 49ers defense like a bullet for a 25 yards gain and his second TD.

Source: foxsports.com

The malicious comments that he’s gained weight and lost some of his speed were dispelled with his 72-yard catch and run for a TD in the third quarter. Elliott finally looked like his old self from 2016 season. This play was much similar to the one he had against the Steelers last year. In the fourth quarter, his game was over after one drive; there was no need for him to be on the field. The gain of 147 yards was his best of the season and his third best in the career. The performance in San Francisco marked his third 100 yard game of the season and second in a row. The Cowboys might be wondering, will he be allowed to make it three in a row, or even four?

Unfortunately, the decision is not theirs to make. They will be looking in the direction of New York and hope for the best outcome.