The Importance of Time Tracking for Remote Teams and Freelancers


Are you a freelancer or someone who works in a larger team? Do you have a hard time managing and keeping track of your time or your work?

If that is the case we highly recommend getting a time tracker that will help you navigate your business and stay in touch with your colleagues or your surrounding.

Not only that it will save you a lot more time, but you will also teach yourself discipline. Keep on reading to understand all there’s to it down below.

The importance of Time tracking for remote teams and freelancers

1. Use a tracker for your time-management


Poor time management skills can cause freelancers to approach work in a way that scatters creative potential and wastes their time, and no one wants that to happen. It is vital for you not to lose your focus since you will lose sense and track of time.

This is why it is best to get a tracker that will keep your thoughts in check and your workflow steady. Appreciate yourself, the time that you have & value your approach.

2. Proper estimate

Oftentimes you will ask your teammate or a freelancer about a project that they’ve been working on. More often than not they will tell you that they have no idea for how long they’ve been working on something specific.

But with an hours tracker, you can see exactly how much time you’re spending or investing in something. It is good to have all of your data tracked and kept in one place. It helps you get a realistic sense of your speed and liability, so who wouldn’t want that?

3. Enjoy and use it as your own personal project manager


Using an hours tracker is like having your own freelance project manager. It helps you stay organized and keeps you in check with everything that you do or plan on doing. You can see which tasks are taking more or less of your time so you can adjust your upcoming timelines accordingly. With this approach, you will feel in control and you won’t spend your most-precious time on side projects. You will become well aware of your deadlines, speed & accuracy.

4. Smart time tracking

No one wants to be reckless or impatient with their time. Why not focus on smart tracking all of your work at any given moment? There are loads of time tracking apps that you can download on your computer and use in the background.

You can also get a tracker for your iPhone or Android to bill everything quicker. Nowadays there are tons of different apps and options that one user can go for that are fully catered per your needs and your work field.

5. Improved workflow


As a freelancer, you probably need to deal with multiple clients at a time. You don’t want to lose your focus and forget on a certain project now, do you? This is something that is crucial and vital for those who work with several people daily. Tracking time helps you to identify your problems and you can make strategic plans on how to combat them.

For instance, you will become aware of your big and small tasks, as well as where most of your time goes such as when researching a topic, etc. The truth is, a lot of us are not even aware of the time that we put into investing a topic, editing a file, or replying to all new messages.

6. You can stop procrastinating

How many times have you caught yourself scrolling social media and looking at some random Instagram posts? This happens even to the best of us, and there’s not a lot that one can do.

However, why not become at least aware of your mistakes or time spent online? It is often tempting to leave work until the last minute and later work hard to finish the job, but why cause unneeded stress to yourself over and over again?

Stop procrastinating by watching a YouTube video or having small talk with your co-workers. Your tracker will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

7. You are more selective with clients


Time tracking helps you to identify clients that are worth keeping and that you want to work with sometimes down the road and in the long run. Know who your demanding clients are, as well as those that are a lot more laid back and chill.

How much time do you need to invest and put in? Think about all the work that you put into writing emails and replying to their new requests. Track every moment and become aware of what you’re settling for, as well as how draining or time-consuming this can be.

8. Better profit-related decisions

Get yourself a tracker and become a lot more aware of every single phase of a project in the proposal. Compare different lines of work and make sure that your approach is smart when selecting new clients. This also applies to those who should know how to and when to delegate their tasks. Know how to balance work and how to offer your quotes.

If you are working on a long-term project where your hourly price is $100, do not accept a new $500 that is only a one-time thing. Only do it if you can squeeze it within our schedule, hence why you will need the time tracker.

Need help with time tracking?


As you can see, a time tracker is a tool that can and will come in handy for big and small freelancers or companies. Keep track of hours worked, collaborate, invoice, and much more so that you will have more time for the important things later.

Visit this website and enjoy their tracker since it can keep track of hours with colleagues or staff and you can use it on Android and iPhone. Give it a click and make your work a lot faster, proper & efficient.