Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans – Week 6 Picks And Predictions

This a tough game to pick. Even though Colts are coming off a win at home against the Bears, the fact of the matter is that they are not a good all-around football team. Andrew Luck is asked to do way too much and to carry them every single week. On the other hand, the Houston Texans, and especially Brock Osweiler, have struggled last week in Minnesota.

Colts had a good day on Sunday against the Bears, but still, they haven’t done anything of significance during this season. With all due respect to Chicago Bears, they are not the team that is playing winning football. Andrew Luck has been sacked and hit way too many times. Defense is stopping nobody. But, they are playing in a weak division and can get to the top of it if they win in Houston.

Texans have looked bad ever since the opening kickoff in Week 3 against New England in Foxboro. Brock Osweiler has been struggling, and he needs to step up. Colts defense that is on the subpar level is exactly what he needs for him and his wideout DeAndre Hopkins. Houston’s defense also needs to give a lot more as they have failed to meet the expectations so far this season.

It’s always hard to replace a player of JJ Watt’s caliber. That is where Jedaveon Clowney needs to step in and make his presence felt in each and every match.

We think he will do that on Sunday Night Football against the Colts. Indy has had a lot of troubles protecting their quarterback, and they’ll have the same problems this time around. Texans are just a better all-around team, and they should win this one 31:24.