Indy Wrestler Responds To Rybacks Criticism


There were a lot of Twitter bouts between the wrestlers over the past couple of days. A lot of people are calling out each other for many different reasons. We have had Baron Corbin in a Twitter beef with an independent wrestler. Mojo Rawley and Kurt Hawkins were also going at each other, Ryback was calling out all the indy workers for not knowing how to sell, Orton has fired shots, and indy guys and they haven’t failed to respond.

A lot has been going on in this past couple of days, and there are no signs of slowing down. Ryback has commented that indy wrestlers don’t know how to sell the moves properly, that they are ruining the business as they haven’t been thought how to make their opponent look good. They weren’t just going to sit and take the criticism from some former WWE star that is now trying to make on his own. Gran Akuma has been quick to respond to Ryback and here is what he said.


“I feel for the Rybacks of wrestling. They dedicated their lives to becoming what WWE wanted, and then WWE suddenly wanted something else.”

Akuma is referring to the fact that WWE was always looking for big guys that were good in the gym, that had great bodies and the look of a superhero. If you take a look at the stars of the past, you could see that everybody has that bodybuilder look. Nowadays, WWE is not all about that and guys like Ryback seem to be in the wrong era.

What will come next? We are not sure, but this definitely isn’t over. Soon enough there will be more shots fired, and the situation might heat up even more.