5 innovative Technologies That Are Shaping the Future of Music


Music, a thing that “moves” the world. An art form and a cultural activity that uses sound as its medium. No one in the free world can say that music isn’t a part of their day and that there is not a moment when they don’t unwind with one of their favorite tracks or artists. Food for soul and mind, someone says and we agree.

Imagine the grim surrounding if there were no tunes around us. Did you ever consider what things as celebrations and parties look like without music? It is around for a long, long time, and it will remain here as far as there are people around. We used, and still do use it to tell tales, sing of endeavors and valor, praise, and criticize. It’s a part of every culture as much as it was before. Time is kind which is the reason it is still here. It changes tunes, melodies, instruments, vocals, and everything else that makes it what it is, a timeless thing that will be with us for eternity.

Some might say that music got worse with time, that there isn’t much heart in it anymore, or that it is fake and distorted. Maybe, but everyone has a different taste, and it is hard to approve and dispute that. Simply put, it comes down to what you prefer. If you like music from 10, 20-30 years ago, you can listen to it, if you like something with a recent tone to it, well, you can have that as well. Thanks to the diversity you can listen to anything you fancy. Is it Rock, Pop, Dance, Latino, Soul, Jazz, is it something that is native to your country only? Whatever you want and whatever you like is at your disposal.

Technology is partially to thank for that. It is what allows it to travel continents and people. It makes it better, or worse, depending on how you use it, louder or more silent, cleaner, or ruff. These two go together well which is why music is one industry that keeps expanding and getting new admirers every day.

Technology is what changes everything and it will (as it did so far) change our understanding and the way we perceive music. Some changes are here and undoubtedly much more is yet to come. If you are looking to find out what lies before us in some time ahead as well as years from now read what we write carefully from now. Let’s begin.

1. Speakers


As an obvious first choice. Technology is the best friend of this kind of thing, as it advances we get to reap the benefits. Just think about it. The last few years were best for music equipment. Speakers, as the medium that spreads the nectar for our ears, just keep getting better and better. From sound clarity, high and low basses, and pitches. If you can imagine it, you will probably get it. You like them big or small, loud or mute, light or heavy, companies today got you covered. If you don’t spare money when it comes to music top of the line speakers that have the best clarity, as well as detailed and organized sound is your first pick. If you are on a budget you can pick out something, and not make a trade-off for sound quality. Yep, that’s technology and competition for you.

2. AI.


Yes, these days Artificial Intelligence mixes into every aspect of our life, so why wouldn’t it mix with music as well. You got your Alexa’s and Siri’s, so why not have an AI that will make sweet tunes for you? Or, what if you could have it by your side as a composer?! Just imagine, get an app or piece of software that lets you add parameters such as genre, type, or even the length of the song, and then just one click away – Presto! You have a number one hit song. The beauty of that is that people are working on that already and that we will have even more autonomy with these AI programs like editing the song further by adding or subtracting instruments or sounds.

3. Apps

Since on the topic of editing, new technologies will also bring apps like EasySplitter, and the likes of it. It’s all about sound editing and is an app that will easily split your music and get separate Vocals, Drums, Bass, and Instrumental. A neat thing that will boost your productivity. This and other apps like it are something that is already bringing in a lot of Singers, DJs, Sound Producers that like tinkering with music and mastering it, and what is even more notable is that they are growing a huge audience very fast.

4. Virtual musicians


Hello, future! In this day in age, this is something that doesn’t come as unexpected. Global pandemic such as the one we have now and other crises that may hit us demand that the stage changes. With science and brains, we have now it is not a very difficult task. We are close, if not already there when it comes to virtual concerts and musicians. If you are a Fortnite gamer then you remember last year’s Marshmello concert that happened in-game. A ground-breaking thing yes, but it all went a step further with Lindsey Stirling, who held a live virtual concert, also last year, for thousands of fans who appear as avatars on screen and who could directly message her in real-time.

5. VR for music videos


Since videos go neck in neck with music, it is something that must not be overlooked when it comes to new tech. Yes, everyone who owns a gizmo that can playback a video will get better speeds and better image quality, but how about going a step further?! How about VR videos that can go with the above mentioned Virtual concerts? I know, you’ll say that we have it already but it is one-sided now. You are a passenger to the music video. But what if you could interact with the things and people inside the music video, if you could dance with your favorite musician? It will be a thing for sure because it is something that future music will dictate, undoubtedly. It is already being worked on and we believe it will be here sooner than we think. Just imagine a VR concert with you and all your friends and family (miles apart) but together near the stage, or even on it, jamming with the star of the show!

We look forward to this kind of music future, don’t you?! The time we have before us is to be hoped to and it will indeed be interesting. Music and melody is something that moves all of us, in a good or bad way, but it does move us. Do you want to know a little secret?! It moved me during this entire text.