Insane – Crazy Hail Storm And Heavy Rain In Mexico [Video]

image source: facebook

After you see this video, you will agree with us that something is very wrong with our weather. Heavy rain and hail hit Mexico, even it hasn’t been clear where exactly this was filmed, we can agree that huge pieces were hitting the ground.

Some reports say that this was recorded in Pánuco, Veracruz while other suggest it was in Ebano, San Luis Potosí, both Mexico. You can see that the ground is pretty much flooded and when the hail hits the ground there are big splashes of water all over the place.

image source: facebook

This must have been a terrifying experience for all those that were in the house from which this was filmed. You can hear the hits all over the place.

And we are still talking that our weather and climate is ok, that climate changes on a global level aren’t happening. Are we sure about that?

Check out the video: