International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) Brings State-Of-The-Art Technology To The 2015 US Open


International Business Machines Corp.(NYSE:IBM) is armed with an array of novel and improved technologies tailored to grab, analyze and supply real-time scores as well as insights to the followers of the 2015 US Open tennis tournament.

IBM is collaborating with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to offer a blend of cloud, social, predictive analytics and mobile technologies that will let tennis aficionados be updated with the US Open sports happenings in real-time.

In association with the U.S. Tennis Association, IBM is propelling sports into the digital age, harnessing its potent data capabilities with its analytics to craft a truly cutting-edge and modern experience for tennis aficionados, coaches, and participants alike.

IBM has always asked two main questions regarding its collaborations. They are “How do we help our associates reach the digital age?” and “What does the digital platform appear like currently?”
The rich digital experience USTA and IBM are offering during the tournament showcases a plethora of novel and enhanced innovations.

IBM’s streaming analytics technology will without human intervention recognize and alert the USTA to record-breaking accomplishments and milestones achieved by players in real-time. Thus major championship statistics and personal career records can be shared with aficionados using news sources, the Web as well as social media.

An improved IBM SlamTracker application with more in-depth analysis of player and tennis ball position statistics to offer a superior understanding of player as well as match dynamics. This functionality bolsters match analysis by providing earlier hidden patterns of performance that influence player performance and dynamics that affect match outcomes.

A Social Share functionality has been put on SlamTracker that lets tennis lovers share match insights in real-time with friends leveraging Facebook.

Revamped mobile apps for both Android devices and Apple devices packed with enriched analytics will keep tennis fans more informed with the facility of real-time insights to tournament happenings.

Working with the conviction that a more informed sports follower is a more engaged and eventually happier sports aficionado, IBM has deployed its state-of-the-art technologies to run analytics that bring new dimensions to the game.

Sources: digitaltrends