Investintech Launches Able2Extract 10: Data Extraction Tool for Business Intelligence Workflows

As we approach the end of 2015, we’re undoubtedly seeing a significant increase in the interest for business intelligence services. What started as a need to make generated data actionable, evolved into one of the biggest, top earning markets today.

The BI industry is full of big players: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. These are just a few of the companies who have recognized the need for efficient data manipulation software. They recognize that raw data, by itself, doesn’t mean anything. The precursor for all successful business decisions in the future lies in that data. And they figured that out just at the right time.

More and more, corporations and SME’s are using business intelligence services to improve their sales, marketing and customer experience, leading to more revenue and less wasted resources. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. However, there is still a small problem when it comes to transforming their data – namely, extracting it from a variety of external sources.
And like those big name players in the BI industry, Inc. recognizes a particular need. It’s the need for a smart data extraction solution. As such,’s focus is on providing one that can be easily integrated with any business intelligence workflow.

Their ETL solution is called Able2Extract PDF Converter 10. It comes with the latest in conversion technology that will help you extract all relevant information out of big data sets in PDF. Users can fully customize the output and export entire datasets to Excel for further refurbishment. It is a simple tool, packed with complex technology.

You can use Able2Extract 10 to:

● Convert anything to Excel

With Able2Extract 10 users can open almost any file and convert it to Excel. When doing so, you have a choice between Automatic and Custom conversion. The custom conversion is slightly geared towards Excel and BI power users, who have the need to control every aspect of the conversion output.

● Convert PDF to CSV

With the new and latest version, Able2Extract offers direct PDF to CSV conversion. It’s perfect for anyone that receives information in PDF and sends it to SQL. This conversion feature also offers custom conversion, enabling users to specify their delimiters, and visually customize the output prior to conversion.

● Edit PDFs right on the spot

Equipped with a built-in WYSIWYG text editor, Able2Extract 10 has the option to edit the text within the PDF and lets you see the changes immediately. Additionally, you can extract individual pages from a PDF, split and merge multiple files and even resize pages.

● Create templates and fully automate your work

When dealing often with complex PDFs, users don’t have to go through the entire custom conversion process every single time. Instead, they can simply create conversion templates and automate their data extraction completely. By doing so, users can achieve ultimate productivity and focus on the most important thing – figuring out how to use that data to achieve their goals.

Besides the above functionalities, Able2Extract can also convert your PDFs to other popular file formats, intuitively create secure PDF documents, and even convert multiple datasets at once with its “Batch Conversion” option.

There are two versions available for download: Able2Extract 10 Standard and Able2Extract 10 Professional. The latter features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which enables users to convert scanned PDF reports into all file formats.

Able2Extract 10 is available to download for a 7 day free trial.

Overall, this is a useful tool for anyone having issues with data connectivity and integration with their BI tool of choice. Able2Extract 10 bridges the gap between your raw data and your annual company goals. In short, it’s your plan B when the data gets too overwhelming. And as we stride into 2016, there’s something in the air that suggests big overwhelming data will be the next workplace trend to watch for.