IOTransfer 3 Review: Easy-to-Use and Efficient iPhone iPad Manager

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We tested IOTransfer, one of the most intuitive and simple iPhone managers to use, with some extra features that don’t just affect the Apple world. Now, it is in its third generation.

The iPhone and iPad multimedia content management system is not flawless, and the management of photos, videos, music and other elements via iTunes is not always impeccable and intuitive. This is why there are so many iTunes alternative managers for Apple devices on the net. IOTransfer 3 is among these and outstands with some extra features that do not only concern the Apple world. Let’s get to know them one by one.

1. Handiest iOS Data Manager and Transfer

First of all, after downloading the iPhone software from IOTransfer official site, install it on your Windows computer and launch it. It will be necessary to connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC and authorize the manager, by clicking on the pop up that appears on the screen. When the connection is done, you can start using the manager.

In the first screen, in fact, you will have fast actions available, and you can start transferring files with just one click. Just select Photos, Music, Video and contacts to proceed the transfer from iPhone / iPad to the PC. It is a very fast action, which requires only a click of the mouse, even if actually you will not have full control of every single multimedia element. 

In order to get more precise control over each file, you will need to move to the Management box, the second tab at the top. From here you will have access to every single media file inside the iOS device. You can choose photos, songs, videos, books, contacts, audiobooks, podcasts, voice memos, and even manage apps. By selecting the individual multimedia elements, you can easily export them to your PC, then copying photos, music or videos from your iPhone / iPad to your Windows desktop or laptop. Instead, you can also import media from your PC to your iOS device.

Plus, it will also be possible to manage applications, although obviously, you will not have a particularly complex control: you can easily uninstall them, even in groups, or update directly from a PC. 

2. Deep Phone Cleaner

Another particularly important tab is the one concerning the cleaning of the device. Also, in this case, the system to delete useless, obsolete or unused files is simple and fast. It is sufficient to perform a scan to find cache files, crash logs and other garbage, to be able to delete it in just one click. In our case, while being particularly careful to delete any kind of useless file, we were able to free an iPad Mini 2 with around 16 MB of memory with 16 GB of memory: this is an excellent result considering the particularly limited memory.

3. Wireless Transfer

To transfer files from PC to iOS device, thanks to AirTrans, can also take place wireless. Just download the free AirTrans app on your iPhone or iPad and click on the AIR-Trans tab in IOTransfer 3. From here, the Windows application will find all the iOS devices on the same WiFi network, putting in communication devices and desktops, ready to talk and exchange files in just a few clicks.

4. Unblocked Video Downloader and Converter

Not only that, the application also includes a video downloader and converter, thanks to which, offer downloading online videos from 100+ sites like YouTube, as well as uploading a movie in the program, it will be possible to convert it into a file of different formats: the possible outputs are really many, from the common AVI, MOV to HEVEC and numerous others.

5. Instagram Downloader

Last, certainly not least, are the tools that allow the download of Instagram photos and the creator of GIF. For the first one, just paste the link of the Instagram photo you want to download. At this point, it will be sufficient to press the download button to start the direct download on PC.

6. GIF Maker

Thanks to the creator of GIF, instead, it will be possible to create an animated GIF starting from a movie. It will be sufficient to load the desired video, choose the start and endpoint, as well as select the desired FPS, to create your own GIF. 


IOTransfer 3 is a really nice iPhone and iPad manager, both graphically and functionally. It is fully compatible with iOS 12 and the latest Apple devices. It allows you to manage the multimedia contents present without going through iTunes, with really intuitive and functional menus. The UI is well maintained and modern, minimal enough, but complete and with all the necessary elements in the right place. Plus, it offers to download and video conversion features, as well as allowing you to download Instagram photos and create GIFs. Absolutely promoted, why not give it a try?