iPhone 8 With Higher Pixel Density And Improved Hardware


To match the competition Apple simply had to improve their products, and as it appears the new iPhone 8 will try to do just that. The company is introducing some new and exciting features, not seen previously from Apple. The biggest change on the new iPhone is for sure the new 5.8-inch OLED display, now made of a flexible panel, following the Samsung Galaxy products.

Even if we know that iPhone packed some of the best screens in the past, the new one is to be even better than any before. High pixel density is seen before at iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but now it is improved. The new smartphone features the 2800×1242 pixels 5.8-inch display with working area of 5.15 inches, and if you calculate that the result will be something about 512 ppi. in comparison to the previous models which featured 325 ppi for iPhone 7 and 401 ppi for the 7 Plus, this is a really big update.


Apple officials said that they are thinking about removing the physical home button and replacing it with a new virtual one, and later they announced that even that would not be enough, and the home button is to be deleted, but now the replacement should be a virtual function area. Not much is published about that, except the position of the area, which would sit under the active screen, and the size of which should be 1125×320 pixels.

Increase of the pixel density and adding another active panel to the device on the new iPhone 8 will be followed with stronger CPU and GPU. Also, to match all the requirements, the amount of RAM should be increased by far.

Racing to be the best Apple simply had to decide to move forwards. The new OLED display and removal of that boring physical home button are the best ways to do just that, become more modern, to look prettier and to be even easier to use.