8 Common iPhone Software Problems and Their Solutions – 2024 Guide


Every Apple mobile user has to suffer common problems like the iPhone boot loop, black or white screen, and many more, once in their lifetime. There is a solution to every problem, and hence, you do not need to visit an Apple store to solve them. If you are dealing with any issue with your device, then you must not panic.

It is necessary to understand why the Apple phone is stuck in the boot loop. There is always a reason behind every problem, and you can solve it when you know the root. In the following write-up, we will share problems like the iPhone reboot loop, etc., along with their manual and application solutions.

Some people think that the manual method is not an effective approach to solve any issue. Instead, they prefer applications like drfone.wondershare as an iPhone boot loop solution. Undoubtedly, it clears all the problems in your device without technical knowledge. Check out some of the common issues in iPhones and their solutions.

1. iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop


It is a standard problem that can cause software updates, unstable connections, jailbreaking, etc. It can happen if a wrong or incomplete update takes place on your device. The malware attack is another reason for this issue, and you can stop downloading applications from an unknown source.

If your iPhone keeps restarting, then you should not use any broken or malfunction device. These are the preventive measures, but you have to force restart the device. Other solutions, like factory reset, updating, and using iTunes for restoring the device, etc.

2. Black Screen Problem on iPhone


Many times, you might have observed that your device’s screen goes black. Many reasons are there for this problem, like jailbreak, software updates, spilling water, malware, etc. Before doing anything, you have to charge the battery completely to fix the problem without any interruption.

Factory set your device by using iTunes, but you must know that you will lose your entire data if you do not have a backup. Therefore, it is necessary to create a backup of all the crucial items in your mobile like images, contacts, etc.

3. Overheating


Sometimes, when you overuse your mobile, and its temperature gets extremely hot. Your device may display a message of cooling down your mobile. It can happen if many applications on your phone are in the running state. There is a huge risk of explosion if you are unable to fix the issue. When you are outside your home, you must keep your mobile away from extreme temperatures.

You need to provide a cool environment to decrease the temperature. You must remove the back cover of the device so that it releases the heat. Stop using your mobile and shut down all the apps. You must switch off your mobile for some time until it gets cool. Reset the settings is another option for solving the overheating problem. Sometimes, you have to repair the iOS system by updating it.

4. Applications get Quit and Freeze

It is another standard problem that many iPhone users usually face. When you are operating any application, you will find that it gets stuck or quit automatically. You will be unable to access any app, and hence, you must resolve the problem.

The easy solution is restarting the device so that the application functions properly. If you are again getting the same problem, you have to uninstall the application and then, download it again.

5. Only Apple Logo is Displaying on the Screen


Many iPhone users complained about this issue that sometimes, their screen gets stuck with an Apple logo. Many reasons are there that cause this problem, i.e., jailbreak, recovering the entire data from backup, update failure, deleting crucial iOS files, hardware issues, etc. You can fix this problem by restarting the device, change the normal mode to the recovery one, or hard reset your mobile.

During hard reset, you will lose the entire data stored in your device. Make sure you consider this solution only when you do not have any crucial data. You must take a backup of your data daily so that you reset the device whenever required.

6. The sensor of the iPhone is Not Responding


If you are experiencing a lit display on your device’s screen at the time of any call, then the proximity sensor is not working correctly. There is another cause of this problem, i.e., issues with the touch screen. It can also be a manufacturing defect or maybe a software failure. You have to restart and troubleshoot your mobile or do the factory reset.

If you have made iTunes settings to DFU mode, then also your issue will be fixed. But ensure that you should not consider iTunes or iCloud for backing up your data. After doing these things, you will observe that the sensor will start working. If you do not observe any change, you must visit the Apple Center to replace the device’s touch screen.

7. No Response in Low-temperature Weathers

Many individuals complained that sometimes, their phones do not respond well due to cold weather. Well, it is a strange problem that people are complaining about. In some time, Apple will launch a new software update that will not freeze any application at low temperatures. Till then, you should lock and unlock your mobile repeatedly to fix the problem.

8. Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems


It is another issue that people are facing after the iPhone update. Many individuals complained that they cannot connect their mobile with Wi-Fi. To solve this problem, restart the device and see all the available Wi-Fi networks. After that, check whether the router is working perfectly or not. If your issue still exists, then make some changes in the Reset Network Settings.

The Bottom Line

If you are also facing any of the mentioned above software problems on your device, then you must do all the mentioned measures to solve them manually. You should not spend your money until you know the reason behind the issue. You should try to fix it yourself before asking for help from Apple stores.