iPhone User Destroys Devices In Apple Store


Just like with any other smartphone maker, Apple can’t make all their users fully satisfied. One of those that didn’t like the way companies support team handled his issue was furious and decided to get his revenge by smashing a large number of devices in Apple store in Dijon France.

Without a doubt, we don’t recommend you to solve any of your iPhone or any other devices issues like this. The end result of the mayhem he caused in one of the Apple stores is he being arrested and we are almost certain that he will be forced to pay for the damage he caused.

It can be frustrating when a new device, top of the line model, that you have bought has problems from the stat. We don’t know what issue this user had and what was the response from Apple support but clearly he wasn’t satisfied with the result.

In the video, we can see him in store, with glove and metal ball smashing devices on the counter. He didn’t smash only iPhones; he had no mercy to iPod Touch and MacBook Air devices. Soon after he started his rage motivated visit to the store, we could see security coming in and trying to handle the situation. Video stops before the police arrival, but it has been reported that the police was involved and we don’t see any reasons that not to be true.

A number of destroyed devices is unknown, since immediately at the start of the video we see him destroying gadgets. Later on, more than ten devices were struck, and then the security intervened and escorted the man from the store keeping him from running away until the police came.

No matter how frustrated you are with your perfect new device and no matter what company created it please do not solve your issues like this. Caused damage is certainly in the region from 5,000 to 10,000 euros and on top of that he might go in front of the judge after which this figure, he will need to pay, will certainly rose drastically.