iPhone7. How far would you go to get one?


Apple is a globally popular brand, so there is no shortage of people that want to own one of their products. iPhone 7 is one of the Apples most popular, and with it goes the title of the best-selling products. The price of this smartphone is in a region of $850, and the general opinion is that it’s worth the money. Despite this fact, there are many people out there that just can’t afford to give this much for an iPhone or any other phone on the market.

In Ukraine, people have been given an opportunity to buy an iPhone for only $2, if you can believe it. An electronic store based in this country has made this unbelievable offer. Of course, there’s a trick to it so listen. The only thing you need to do so that you could get an iPhone 7 for miserly $2 is to change your first name, yes you guessed it, to iPhone 7.


Man, fromUkraine has gone this far and changed his name to iPhone 7. Now under his official name iPhone Sim (Seven) picked up his prize on Friday. When asked would he go back to his original name, previously known as Olexander Turin, he responded that he wouldn’t do so, well, at least not in the near future. He stated that he would probably go back to his birth name when he gets children of his own.

It is not easy to get something in life that cost as much as $850 for a $2, but most of the people wouldn’t change their name for it. Olexander’s friends were shocked upon hearing the idea and were totally against it. After counting up the financial gains, they eventually started supporting the idea.

His sister Tetyana Panina said that for her it was very hard to accept her brothers doing. For some time she couldn’t even believe it was all true. In the end, she had no other but to acknowledge the fact that her’s brother is now named iPhone 7, and found that this doing of his a is a way to express himself.

Being a huge brand as Apple certainly is, creates a lot of loyal followers, but to go this far is yet unheard of.