Is AJ Green The Best Wide Receiver In NFL?

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There was a lot of talk about Antonio Brown and him being the NFL’s best Wide Receiver after two fantastic seasons in the row including a brilliant 2015 campaign. But, is it time for us to consider AJ Green as NFL’s best receiver after his mind-blowing performance in Week 1 against the Jets?

It is no secret that AJ Green is Andy Dalton’s favorite target and go to guy, and Green keeps proving why that is the case. Tall, quick and great hands. Just about everything every QB wants his main man to be.

Green was unstoppable against the Jets as he was able to catch career-high 12 passes for 180 yards and 1 TD. He made big play after big play. But we can’t decide which one was more impressive. Was it that one where he flat out burned Darelle Revis for a 66 yard Touchdown or that one at the end of the game to put Bengals in Field Goal range and win the game for his team.

It’s never easy to play against Jets defense as they are considered as one of the best defensive teams, but AJ Green proved that he can not only hang with the best but that he can be dominant against the best.

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Massive win for the Bengals as they were able to escape with 23:22 victory over the New York Jets. It wasn’t pretty, but they got the job done.

AJ Green has always been considered as one of NFL’s Top Wideouts, but maybe it’s time for us to talk about him as the best WR in the league. After this kind of performance in Week 1, it’s really hard to argue against that.