Is Korea Good Option For Internship? Tip and Tricks

Due to technological advancements in certain industries, Korea has become a much-desired place to work and study. Foreign students understand that the job market in Korea is increasing by the month, with more and more new positions opening at Korean companies.

But catching the hype train of working in Korea might not be too late for you, even if you are a student who looks at interring. Furthermore, there are more jobs than people applying for them in South Korea than ever before. South Korean companies know that their country is much desired by foreign students and graduates alike. With conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, KIA, SK Innovation, and many more, the country of South Korea is predicted to be huge in the coming years in terms of job opportunities.

But is South Korea a good fit for you to intern? Absolutely yes! South Korea is a much-favored intern destination for students all over the globe.  South Korea is growing with technological advancements and the need for qualified personnel is always their top priority.

In this article, we are going to tell you a few tips and tricks on how to successfully land a Korean internship.

The Best Time for Applying

The best time for applying for your internship in Korea is between the months of November and December. This is when the majority of applicants send their resumes. Major intakes of internships occur during the first three months of each year; from January all the way through March.

The internship hectic period is during the summer months, starting from June all throughout August. This is because during these months, everyone finishes with their studies and the first thing they do is apply for an internship program.


Learn the Language

While Korean companies who offer internship are fully aware that their applicants don’t speak their language, make sure to start learning the language if you’re planning on an extended stay. While everyone would love to visit and explore Seoul, taking one to two hours of your day and dedicating it towards learning Korean will be beneficial for you in the long run. Make sure to sign up for a Korean language course so that you can learn a bit of the language itself. Understanding and speaking Korean (even a little bit) can put you in a very lucrative position in the future.

Avoid Traditional Internship Searches

Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, university job boards, and a company’s website are the best way of finding a Korean internship. This is especially the case with bigger South Korean companies, as they operate using those channels to find their applicants.

As most South Korean companies are keen on social media, it makes your job much easier. According to Korean internship companies, using their social channels and their websites will make the job easier for both the applicant and for the company itself.

Social media channels are considered goldmines for internship opportunities. Keeping one eye open on their social media accounts for updates and opportunities will benefit you more than you think. Most Korean conglomerates avoid the traditional way of offering internship opportunities, as the applicants themselves are faced with a much harder task by needing to communicate with people who don’t necessarily speak the universal language.