It’s confirmed! Third-gen Cayenne debuts on August 29!


Porsche made a very interesting announcement recently which will be very appealing to the brand’s fans all over. As you could read from the title of this article, the German carmaker will be debuting their third-gen Cayenne on August 29th. To ease your waiting time company decided to release videos of this luxury SUV testing around the world in some harsh environments and conditions.

The upcoming Cayenne passed its testing rounds with ease through temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit in dunes of Dubai and the slopes of Death Valley and those as low as -49 degrees in Alaska. Porsche also tested its SUV at the Nürburgring, the Nardò Ring in Italy, as well as test tracks in Sweden, Finland, and Spain but no test would be entirely complete without China and their stop-and-go city traffic, which it conquered flawlessly. The on and off road capabilities were tested in South Africa, Japan, and New Zealand. This is probably the first of SUVs that made a trip around the globe in order to show its toughness, capabilities as well as its luxury that will very soon be offered to buyers all over the world.


Interesting info, for those who did not know, the third-gen Cayenne SUV has been tested from 2014 and from then until now it has more than 4.4 million kilometers (about 2.73 million miles), under its magnificent wheels. From the video that the Porsche company so graciously made available to all, we can see the Cayenne’s new look that includes a redesigned front fascia and creases on the hood, which are now closer together than on the previous model. The video also shows a bit more of the SUVs taillights finally giving us a real treat since all the spy shots and testing prototypes didn’t reveal much before.

This third-gen comes as a real refreshment, mainly because the previous model hasn’t been redesigned for a long time (the last upgrade was sometime in 2011). The new elegant look and a weight loss it received will make it more desirable than ever. But we will let you enjoy the video now. Check out how exactly does it fight the different environments and how gracefully it looks while doing it. We care about your opinions so feel free to comment down below and tell us what you think about it!