It’s time for a diet and we have prepared the top 5 for you!

6Here are top 5 most popular diet types

Winter is a bad time for everyone, and during that period most of us gain a few additional pounds that are hard to lose if you aren’t doing anything. The next step for those who want to lose them is a diet, and it mostly turns out to be a very rigorous one that makes more harm to your body than good. Most people are not aware that diet is much more than they think. A proper nutrition is a way of eating that suits your body type which will help it stay healthy and avoid diseases. This is why there are several types of diets, and among them, some are for weight loss while others are for weight gain and so on. To help you get educated a little more, we have made a list of 5 diets that have been rated highly by some of the top dieticians out there. Enjoy!