Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans – Week 8 Picks And Predictions

Tennessee Titans had a great opportunity to make themselves present in the AFC South division race with a good performance and win on their home turf against the Colts. That did not happen as Andrew Luck dominated and carried his team to victory over the Titans. Now, they have a shot to rebound against highly inconsistent Jags squad.

Blake Bortles hasn’t had a great year. He, just like his whole offense, has been hot and cold from the start of this season. As a matter of fact, they have been more cold than hot, more off than on. Allen Robinson just can’t find his rhythm and form. The running game almost doesn’t exist in Jacksonville, and the same thing can be said for their defense.

Titans seem like a well-rounded squad. They are still young, led by a promising quarterback Marcus Mariota who’s been far better than Bortles and probably even Winston. DeMarco Murray has also been productive bringing some nice figures to his stat cards. When Titans traded for him in the offseason, this is what they had in mind and what they were expecting from Murray.


Both of these teams will have a hard time making the playoffs. Still, they do have a shot in the division that is probably the worst in the NFL. A winner will keep their postseason hopes alive while loser’s season will be over. We are picking the Titans to win this game. It’s going to be a 30:16 blowout win for Tennessee on their home field.