Jason Garrett: Dak Prescott Needs To Improve! A Lot!


Dak Prescott went through a sophomore slump. Obviously, he needs to improve and to become his old self from his rookie season with Dallas Cowboys. His head coach Jason Garrett is aware of this, and in a recent interview with ESPN, he talked about areas of play where Dak needs to get better.

Garrett was highly critical about their young franchise quarterback and said: “Really everything. At the quarterback position — and maybe every position, but maybe most glaringly there — there’s so much to learn over the course of your career. That’s why the guys at that position play longer, and it seems like they’re playing their best football well into their 30s.”

During his two year career with America’s Team Prescott has a 22-10 record. In his rookies season, he made it to the playoffs and had 23 TDs and only four interceptions. Cowboys were the best team in the NFL with 13-3 record. A year later he went 9-7 with 22 touchdowns and 13 picks.


Jason Garrett is aware of what went wrong and what’s to be done in order to have a successful 2018 campaign: “He’s done a lot of good things, but he knows, we know, everybody knows he’s got to get better. One of the exciting things about him is he has such a determination to get better every day. He has a great spirit. He loves the game. He’s going to work very hard at it. I think he has to work on the physical part. All the things that every quarterback in this league is working on, he has to continue to refine those.”

Garrett noted that the central area in which they need to improve is the passing game. Dallas Cowboys were ranked 26th in the league in this segment in 2017. The primary strength of Cowboys in the past few years was always the running game. Opponents are aware of this, and that’s why they stack the box in order to stop Ezekiel Elliott.

Their star RB missed six games of the last campaign, and his return for a full season will be their biggest strength next year. With him in the backfield, and new offensive weapons on Prescott’s disposal, Cowboys, will start to pose a double threat to every rival.

The balance of the offense is what Big D franchise is trying to achieve in the free agency. They have already added WRs Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson. O-line got deeper with Cameron Fleming on the team. And the draft is ahead of us. If Dak Prescott improves his passing, it will be a season of joy for Dallas Cowboys.