Jason Garrett Sticking With Prescott After A Loss To Giants


Dallas Cowboys suffered their first loss since Week 1 and that loss to New York. They, again, fell against the Giants on Sunday. Dallas really couldn’t get anything going on the offensive side of the ball. Seven points were all that Cowboys were able to put up, and that happened in the first half of the game.

We all knew that the questions were going to be asked about Dak’s job security as soon as the Cowboys lose and he doesn’t play as well as people expected. He was just 17/37 passing the ball, and he wasn’t able to throw for more than 180 yards in this match.

Both Garrett and Jones were asked about Dak and whether or not they considered putting Romo on the field, but both of them said no. Jones did it with conviction, while Garrett just didn’t want to say a bad thing as he repeated that the team is sticking with Prescott “right now” and that the squad believes that Prescott is what is the best for the team “right now.”


He clearly loves his job, and he doesn’t want to say a bad thing about Romo, a guy that Jones really likes and actually wants him to be on the field. “Right now,” means that things can change. When you add to that the fact that Garrett never really publicly stated that this is Prescott’s team, you know that anything can happen in Dallas in the near future, especially if Cowboys start falling. Next round will be more than interesting, and we are eagerly awaiting to see what Dak can do after this loss.