Jason Witten To Play For Dallas Cowboys In 2018


There is a great possibility that Dallas Cowboys offensive part of the squad will see big changes for 2018. At this point, we know that both Dez Bryant, first choice wide receiver, and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan might need to look for a new home, but it has been confirmed that Jason Witten will be back in 2018 and that it will be his 16th season making him a franchise record holder.

We could hear Witten saying on Sunday, via The Dallas Morning News: “Oh, I’m back. I’m coming back. I love playing this game too much and I know that I can play it at a high level.” It is clear that the productivity of this man has dropped a little bit, but he is still one of the leaders on the roster and a guy that can bring a lot to the team with both his performance and experience.


At this point, his figures are saying that he has the most played games for the franchise, total of 239, but also that he is on the first position with 1,152 caught passes for 12,448 yards. Looking at the season that has just ended, at least for the Cowboys, he managed to accumulate 63 catches for 560 yards and five TDs.

There aren’t many things that are missing in the collection of this Pro Bowler as he is definitely one of the candidates for the Hall of Fame, but one thing that he would like to add to the list is Super Bowl ring. Here is what he had to say about that: “I know this — my burn is strong inside me to play at a high level, and to be a part of this group of guys and be a leader and see this thing through and go compete for a championship. When I wake up tomorrow that’s what my focus will be on.”

If we take a look at the contract that Witten has with America’s Team, it seems that this guy isn’t going anywhere. In March 2016 he signed four-year extension meaning that this relationship is secure. There is no doubt that #82 is ready for more but if the franchise wants to get more than 9-7 that they had this season, they will need more weapons on the offense. One of the solutions is to add younger players that would develop faster with the help of veteran.


For the end, here is what Witten said “I’m as motivated now as I’ve ever been to play this position at a high level, and help my team in all situations as a leader, as a veteran, but most importantly as a tight end and what that position consists of in this offense. With that, we got to get back to work, evaluate it, strip it down to the most simple form.”