Jaylon Smith Eligible to Play Claims Stephen Jones!

Source: dallascowboys.com

Stephen Jones, Dallas Cowboys executive vice president, praises linebacker Jaylon Smith. During his recent talk to the press, he said how Smith has been putting a lot of effort at the training camp this year. Vice president dubbed Smith’s progress as one of the main ‘highlights’ of the training camp.

Jones claimed that Smith is healthy enough to play however Cowboys will remain cautious since Smith missed all of the last seasons due to a horrendous knee injury and nerve damage.

Jaylon Smith didn’t appear in the preseason opening game against the Arizona Cardinals and team management is yet to decide whether he will get his first minutes in the second preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday.

Vice president Jones has Smith in his 10-year long plan and the Cowboys won’t rush him on the field and risk an even worse injury. Jones stated how there were no setbacks at the training camp and that Smith will soon return on the field.

These were Stephen’s exact words: ‘We are seeing how he progresses. No need to jump ahead and make a decision whether it’s this week or next week. We will see how he progresses this week and sees how he responds. … The time will come when we decide. Has he had enough to put him in a game situation against the Rams?’

‘The big thing about Jaylon is he is better every time he goes out there. He is more and more comfortable with it. At the same time, if you left it up to him, he would be going every play in the Hall of Fame game. We have to protect Jaylon at the end of the day for Jaylon. He is going to around here for many years to come. We have to handle it the right way for Jaylon.’

Jones also mentioned how Smith easily overcame major hurdles in training camp and claimed how he successfully managed to practice in pads on consecutive days to be on the field in goal line drills.

A medical staff of the Cowboys is constantly monitoring his recovery progress and they are present at every training. They are watching his every step and every move and they are there to provide him with the best care possible claims Jones.

When it comes to Smith’s nerve, it is firing however medics are monitoring it closely. After that, however, Jones claimed once again that Smith’s health is good enough and that he could play.


‘His baseline is where he can play football,’ Jones claimed. ‘Now we have to ease him into it because it fatigues when obviously you don’t have a muscle that has nerves to it as long as he did then it fatigues easier. You have to build that up over time and build it the right way so you don’t have any issues there.’

‘At the same time, give him the reps that he is comfortable with. I think his baseline health is a point where he can play. It’s just getting him in that football shape and doing things the right way. Jaylon is going to be around here for the next 10 years and we don’t want to do anything that’s not taking care of Jaylon.’ Jones concluded.