Jericho Appearing At Royal Rumble?


Chris Jericho has last been seen when he dropped the United States championship to Kevin Owens after going back and forth with him during the Wrestlemania season. The tour that he has been on with his band Fozzy has started in May, and he didn’t really have time to work with the WWE anymore. Many thought that he was under the deal with the company for all this time that he has been gone.

That has proven to be wrong as he is going to appear at the Wrestle Kingdon 12 for the New Japan Pro Wrestling and he is going to challenge Kenny Omega for the IWGP World Championship. For all of you that don’t know a thing about NJPW, this is the biggest pay per view of the year for them, and Kenny Omega is holding most important title in the company.


There have been rumors that Jericho is going to appear on the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw on January 22nd. That is going to be the go-home show for the Royal Rumble, one of the most important events that WWE produces each and every year. The question now is whether or not he is going to enter the Rumble match the following Sunday. Well, it seems that he is likely going to miss it.

There are tour dates for the Fozzy band that are already booked for the Royal Rumble weekend. If he does appear at the 25th-anniversary show, it is going to be a one-off appearance as he is going to tour with his band right after that. We don’t know when he will actually return to working full-time schedule with the WWE.