Jerry Jones Comments On Dallas Cowboys’ Start Of The Season

After Tony Romo got hurt in the preseason game, most of the people thought that this Cowboys’ season would look pretty much the same like the last one. Romo missed a majority of the 2015 NFL campaign, and his backups weren’t able to win some games for Dallas.

It’s a different story this time around. Dak Prescott has not only performed amazingly, but he is actually looking like a future franchise quarterback. Ezekiel Elliot has also been pretty good after that subpar performance in his debut versus the Giants.

Jerry Jones, the owner of this team, hasn’t been hiding the fact that he is a bit surprised. His team is off to a 3-1 start and looking like a Playoff contender.

“I didn’t expect it,” Jones said. “I really didn’t expect it. We have got a bunch of guys out there. We know that we have some guys that will be coming back, but now to some degree, we know we can win if they are not back in time. This is a competitive league. I didn’t expect to do it without Dez, without our left tackle, without key players like Scandrick. It says a lot about our depth.”

Even though Cowboys’ schedule has somewhat been weak so far and in their favor, they are still playing very well, and they will have a chance to prove that they are for real on Sunday as the Bengals are coming to town. Don’t miss this game, it’s going to be a good one.