Jerry Jones Makes Another Strong Statement On Tony Romo

After being known as a guy that starts all the rumors and likes the publicity that his team has always been given, Jerry Jones is now leading the charge when it comes to the silence on the subject that is Tony Romo. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys has shut down all discussions about his expensive backup signal caller.

“I’m not going to get into that at all – whether we’ve talked or not,” Jerry Jones said of Romo via the Dallas Morning News. “We’re at a juncture now that we need to just cool it in our public conversations about what we’re going to be doing or not doing there with Tony.”

This comes off as a major surprise since it’s coming from a man that loves the headlines. Perhaps his son has advised him not to talk much about Tony Romo this season, maybe it’s just the promise that he made to Tony, or it might be him really sick and tired of the questions that media members are asking about his signal caller.

At some point during this offseason, Tony Romo will either be traded, cut, retired or maybe even put into the starting lineup instead of Dak Prescott. If he is traded or cut, the veteran QB will cost the Cowboys $19.6 million in salary-cap space. Cowboys will save over $5 million dollars if Romo is not on the squad in 2017.

Romo proved that he can still play if he is healthy. The question is whether or not he can stay on the field. There are a lot of teams that are looking for a QB and the market for signal callers is just not good enough. Few franchises just might roll the dice and try to pick up Romo. Those teams, just like the Dallas Cowboys, will have to make the decision on their QB situation pretty soon.