Jerry Jones Says He Would Regret Winning Super Bowl Without Romo

Dallas Cowboys’ fans all over the world are scratching their heads right now. Dak Prescott is playing amazingly, exceeding everybody’s expectation, he is a rookie player that is posting some serious results. Yet, team owner Jerry Jones is still not going to give the keys to the offense to his new quarterback even this rookie could be the future of the franchise.

In the latest interview after ‘Boys’ victory over the Browns, Jerry Jones has pretty much said that he would like to stick with Tony Romo when he gets cleared to play.

“We’ve got a great luxury and a wonderful problem to have,” Jones said. “We’ve got some real talent at the quarterback position. I think Tony Romo is one of the best quarterbacks that has played this game. My real regret would be to have had him here and not win a Super Bowl with him. He’s talented. And then I look at Dak and see how he’s playing, his future…I just don’t have a problem with this situation.”

This is actually great news for Tony Romo. It doesn’t look good for Dak Prescott, and it seems like Jerry is going to stick with his favorite player Tony Romo. Jones just loves him, and he is his man. Everybody knows that. What nobody knew is that he would pick Romo over Dak when the rookie is playing great and while the team is winning. We can safely say that this statement from Jones means advantage to Romo.

What do you think what will happen if Romo gets back to the field as soon as he gets cleared and ‘Boys lose that match? As a fan of Dallas team would you be furious because of the management decision or you would be patient?