Jerry Jones Sides With Eagles For Upcoming Super Bowl!


Jerry Jones just said something that won’t sit nicely with Cowboys fan base. The owner and general manager of America’s Team noted that he wishes all the best to Eagles in the upcoming Super Bowl.

The reporter asked Jones if he’s become a Patriots fan, for just that one match, and he responded: “I don’t want to get into that and talk favorites. I will say this; I’m really proud that we have an NFC East team in there. That does make the difference. We’ve played them twice and know what kind of defense they’ve got. Frankly, I wish them well.”

This statement, coming from a passionate Cowboys owner is nothing short of a surprise. The rest of the league and the entire country will cheer for Eagles, as they are already tired of Patriots success. But, if you ask anyone in Dallas, or any Dallas Cowboys fan anywhere they will all be against Eagles having anything close to a Super Bowl win.


The rivalry between Cowboys and Eagles is one of the biggest in the NFL, and it dates all the way back to 1960. They have played 118, matches with Dallas franchise holding a winning record (66-52).

Their rivalry is so deep that during last years draft while announcing Cowboys second-round pick, former WR Drew Pearson made sure that Eagles fans in the crowd see his SB ring, as there aren’t any in Philadelphia. Cowboys faithful will be hoping that there won’t be any after February 4th.

But, Cowboys owner seems like he doesn’t hold any grudge towards Eagles. He only had words of praise for this year’s Philly team saying: “You can’t do what I do and not understand the challenge it is to adjust and come up with a different way to use personnel and win the games. They did it, and that’s their story, and it’s worthy of recognition. Certainly for them to have one of the outstanding players in the playoffs that was their backup quarterback is really impressive, and it’s encouraging. It shows that you put the right group of guys together, they were inspired, they had a great record and while they had their young quarterback and he turns around, (Nick) Foles, and he turns around and does the job for them. I’m really impressed with them.”