Jerry Jones Speaks on How Ezekiel Elliott’s Suspension Affected Dak Prescott

Before we start talking about Prescott and Elliott, we need to go a few years back. In 2013, when Tony Romo signed a six-year $108 million contract with the Cowboys, organization owner Jerry Jone, said that he would have “Peyton Manning-type time on the job.”

Fast forward four years and Jones mentions Manning again, saying that Dak Prescott’s work ethic can be compared to Manning’s who was a five-time MVP, 14-time Pro Bowler and who held the trophy on two occasions.

Jones spoke on 105.3 The Fan’s Shan and RJ show, and he said: “I’m so happy for our fans. Every day that he walks out there he’s got a chance to improve. And when someone works as hard as he does, and I emphasize that. He is a tremendous worker. And you used to hear those kinds of things about Peyton Manning, just how much he invested in everything he does, every practice.”

He added: “When you’ve got that kind of discipline, you’re going to improve. We know that he’s got an unordinary talent. So, we’re just better, frankly. It hurt us to miss Zeke, but as far as Dak is concerned, we’ve got a better player for having gone through this.

“I don’t recommend it for the Cowboys, of course, but we got a better player. We’ve got a better future because he’s gone through this period of time without Zeke,” concluded Jones.

And he is right. Prescott had to see what it is like to play the game when the running attack is not working. He is a young fellow, and he will learn from the experience. However, when Elliott does return, the dynamic duo will be as deadly as before.