Jim Parsons and The Big Bang Theory castmates top paid actors on TV in 2016


The Big Bang Theory crew is bringing joy for all of us for 9 Seasons now while 10th is in the make, and this news isn’t striking anybody as anything out of the ordinary. This crew is, according to Forbes, the top paid on TV in 2016.

Jim Parsons (Sheldon) in this hit series takes the first place for the second year now after he collected $25.5 million over the past year according to Forbes. His show-mates Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Simon Helberg (Howard) and Nayyar Kunal (Rajesh) take the other three places.
If you remember last year’s headlines about The BBT cast, it was reported that they are doing a Friends and were negotiating a $1 million per episode for Parsons, Galecki and female co-star Kaley Cuoco.


According to Forbes’ annual list of actors, we can see that the earnings by gender between males and females have gone down on TV while on movies there is still a huge gap between them. For instance, Dwayne Jonson (earned $64.5 million) by far out-earns his female colleague Jennifer Lawrence (earned $46 million). When we go to top paid actresses category, we can see that Kaley Cuoco the female star of The Big Bang Theory takes second place with annual earnings of $24.5 million just after Modern Family’s leading lady Sofia Vergara who cashed in $43 million last year. This figure has been significantly boosted by numerous endorsements and licensing deals.

Forbes’s spokesperson Madeline Berg stated for the Independent “The gender wage gap between men and women on TV is a lot smaller than on film, and that ensemble casts tend to negotiate their contracts together. That is why Kaley Cuoco makes $1 million per episode just like her castmate Jim Parsons”

One more interesting thing to know is that the Forbes calculates the earnings based on the data as well as interviews with agents, managers, lawyers and industry insiders and all estimated earnings shown are before management fees and taxes.