Jim Ross Has High Praise For One WWE Superstar


Jim Ross is one of the most beloved persons that has ever been connected with the WWE. He has been the commentator for many years in the organization and has been recognized as a voice of the company for more than a decade. This guy is a legend in the wrestling world and has been with the company during their most glorious days.

Also, he is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable people about the world of wrestling and is also known as maybe the best commentator that the company has ever had. Now, since he is not in the World Wrestling Entertainment, he is still following their content along with other wrestling promotion shows around the world.


Jim Ross is watching every single edition of Monday Night Raw programming and is voicing his opinion every now and then. He did the same thing for this week’s release of Raw and has had some strong praise for the WWE Universal champion and his promo. Owens is finally booked the way he should have been booked in the past as he shined in the ring and on the mic this past Monday. Ross caught that and gave his thumbs up.

“On Raw on Monday Night, I believe that Kevin Owens stole the show in the first moment. It was a really good promo. I loved the way it was shot, and how his face filled the camera, filled the screen, I guess I should say. He went out there and he remembered his directions and more importantly delivered the verbiage to where I remember most of it, which is really good. I tip my hat to Kevin Owens to that.”