Jim Ross Talks About Daniel Bryan Wrestling Again

Source: mindofcarnage.com

Ever since Cody Rhodes won that Ring of Honor World Championship and Daniel Bryan teasing challenging him when his deal with the WWE expires, fans and people involved with wrestling started again talking about whether or not we will see Daniel Bryan in the ring again. All this also initiate discussions about whether or not the WWE should let him back in the ring.

As we already know, the only doctor that doesn’t want to clear Daniel Bryan is WWE’s own doctors. According to every independent doctor that Bryan went to, he is more than capable of wrestling again. All of them have given him the green light to get back to doing what he loves. But, the most important one hasn’t done that so today, he is a General Manager on Smackdown Live brand and not an active performer.

His hands are tied right now as there is not a thing that he can do since the deal that he had signed with the company is preventing him from going anywhere else to continue his career. Jim Ross has recently talked about the Daniel Bryan situation and whether or not he should return to the ring. He talked about his health and what is the best thing for him to do. Here is what he had to say.

“Seems as if Daniel Bryan is having some fun trolling social media as he teases a return to the ring which I seriously doubt will or should ever happen. If his existing medical condition put DB in a higher risk category, then he needs to be the responsible husband and father and refrain from lacing up his boots again. Don’t get me wrong, if DB could safely resume his career I’d be all for it as he is one of the great talents in recent memory.”